Friday, 18 February 2011

Dyeing my hair AGAIN!!

I have decided I am not 100% content with my hair, I mean I love the darkness of it but it isn't very warming and I feel as though I suit warm colours better so I have decided to buy some more dye. This time, I have opted for Loreal Casting Creme gloss In 535 Chocolate, which is a beautiful colour if I do say so myself and it's permanent.

 I will let you know how it goes and maybe post some pictures before and after, the box does say that it will lighten darkest brown hair so I think I will be OK, and if not.... Fuck it! I'll buy a different dye LOL


  1. I use this and i'm sure it not permanent or not? I dont understand dyes though lol! its quite reddy too, good luck!

  2. yeah it lasts 28 washes which is what perminent dyes last, I never hardly wash my hair so I think il dye it again before it fades. thank you hun, im excited to change the colour again xx

  3. i dont think that casting might lighten your dark dyed hair, it would not lighten natural dark hair. if you want to lighten them a little use a bleacher mixed with conditioner - it wont damage your hair VERY much and it will help get the lighter color :)

  4. I redyed my hair brown the other day, used the Swakrwopdfowyefowefjwe (wtf) Live in Chocolate something or other (aye...full of information me)

    Their dye is pretty good, washes off really easy n doesnt leave huge ass stains on yer neck etc.

    Anyway, I just found your youtube channel the other day n had watched a good couple of yer videos, yer hysterical! I had a good wee giggle at some of them. Glad ye've got a blog too :)

    Linsay x