Sunday, 13 February 2011

OOTN - Hardstyle rave

So Friday night I went to a Hardstyle rave with my friend and was stuck on what to wear. I mean, it was in South Shields which is a lot different to going out in Newcastle. For one, I could never wear what I would usually wear to go out in town as nobody dresses up in South Shields like they do in Newcastle.

So my dilemma was what to wear? If I went out in my usual going out attire I would be to dressed up (for a rave in Shields) and I don't really do "dressing down".

So I decided to go a teeny bit rock chick, and opted for a floaty vest number from Urban Outfitters and biker boots (The reason for the boots? Have you ever tried stomping at a rave in heels?)

Dress vest £15 - Urban Outfitters sale
Boots £25 - Ebay ages ago
Socks £2 - Primark
Jewelery - Sentimental gift from a friend which I never take off
Tan £4.99 St Moritz - TJ Hughes
Hair - Back combed to the extreme with a huge side fringe


  1. haha i live in shields, was it in dusk? yeahh shields is deffo not a place to get dressed up its a right dump ahaha xx

  2. Nah vogue, it was totally out of my comfort zone n it was full of people from jarrow lmao... i still had fun though xx

  3. aww lmao! I went to the powerhouse on friday night it was hilarious, didn't get back home til 6 xx

  4. you can get th st moriz for 2.99 on the make-up barrow at the metro centre x