Sunday, 6 February 2011

Too far?

Googleing my YouTube username isn't something I do often but upon doing so recently I found a lovely forum post about myself from some equally as lovely girls claiming ridiculous things about me... I thought it would be funny to have my own personal digs in a video.. I know it's immature but I am a 22 year old going on 12 so what the hell, why not?

If you have read the posts you will know I have some lush followers from Twitter and YouTube who got a girls back! I <3 them all for their hilarious responses so thank you! I don't really care if they slate my makeup, I loove to be orange and have white lips.. BIG DEAL... at least I'm not killing people. Anyway yeah so if you have read the posts then this video will make prefect sense to you.. HERE IT IS...


  1. I had to google you after reading this and I just found that beauty guru blog, can't believe some of the adolescent shite I've just read!
    Can't believe the girls on there are so self righteous that they think they can criticise you, or any of the other girls they've listed actually. It's clearly just a blog where jealous bitches get together and cry about the fact that they look like a foot and will never get laid.
    Glad you don't take it to heart anyway chick, oh and enjoy the all the fisting/anal you'll no doubt be getting up to tonight you cheeky little mare ; ) By the sounds of it you're a sex obsessed tiger! haha xx

  2. I saw those posts,they're just dicks! You're hilarious and pretty, everything they prob aint! xx

  3. ahahaha i died laughing through that vid. yeah half of the things they said are a load of shit. lol @ that comment that since you talk fast you must be on speed, not that you just talk fast :/. anyway i think your spoofs are hilarious these people just don't have a sense of humour x