Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Teenage Dream

So I stumbled upon a video on the old tube from SimpleLittlePleasures showing the Katy Perry - Teenage dream nail polish, from her collection with O.P.I. (Second on the left). I am an absolute magpie and totally fell in love with the sparkle so I felt it was my right to own such a nail polish.

I have to say when trying these polishes they weren't as amazing as I was hoping, the red is beautiful and so is the pink glitter polish, but the green needs a lot of coats and so does the blue glitter.

All in all I am happy I bought these, but even happier I only bought miniatures as I need to start using all the polishes I already have.

Left to Right - The one that got away, Teenage dream, Last Friday night, Not like the movies

Friday, 1 April 2011

Sheffield bloggers meetup thingymabobbb!

Just going to wack the pics up... The bloggers meetup in Sheffield was last weekend and I met some amazing girls... definitely another meetup should be arranged soon.

Heres the pics from le Iphone... I know my Iphone camera is rubbish, I hope you wont hold it against me (unless "it" is your body, then in that case....) HA!

PICS..... (I havent added them all but go to Laurens Dressing Room for more)

The Saviour of Foundations...?

I am simply over the moon with this news, OVER.THE.MOON!!

My foundation of choice is MAC Studio Fix Fluid and shade of choice is always been a mix between either NW20 or NW25... I have always found NW20 to be quite porcelain looking and NW25 quite orange so have been dreaming of a day when they would come up with a perfect medium.

TAADAAA! MAC did it!!

They have eventually brought out a shade between the two I use, trust MAC to make my actual dreams come true... they never fail to make me happy! The shade is NW22 and is perfect on my face. I have stopped wearing bronzer for a bit as I have found that's what makes my makeup cakey and instead I go for a translucent powder, blush and highlight. This foundation is perfect because I don't need to bronze my neck any more... WOOHOOO!

I also invested in some concealer for my bag eyes as I don't get a lot of sleep, I like a concealer to be thick and lighter than my skin seeing as it is going on my dark ball sack eye bags I need good solid lighter (in colour) coverage. For this I chose NW20 in the Studio Finish Concealer and so far me loves it!


And here are the swatched.. left is the concealer and right is the foundation... I know they look a total different shade to my hand but you should never go on your hand colouring. Always go for your jawline :-)

Love your faces!!