Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Warm red eyes

Upon posting my recent video on YouTube, linked below I received a lot of comments on my eye make-up... instead of doing a tutorial on them I thought I would show you how I did them here.

The palette was from Ebay and cost literally about £15... The picture shows the colours I used

I first applied my Urban Decay primer potion all over my lid, then starting at the inner corner applied the yellow a third of the way in. I then took the orange colour and added that to the centre of my lid blending it into the yellow with my brush, as they are the colours next to each other in the rainbow they blend beautifully. I then applied the red to the outer corner and blended once again into the orange. After this I took a blending brush and blended it out just above my crease. Last I applied my gel liner with a wing, and also gelled up my waterline and added my current mascara.

Excuse the bonky eyed picture but here is the finished result..


  1. This is SO pretty, seriously. I might try this. <3

  2. love the whole look! very pretty!

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