Friday, 11 February 2011

Another fail brush from Elf?

Morning my little chickadees, I thought I would grace you with my presence at such a fine hour to ask for advice. 

I recently bought the flat powder brush from elf because id seen so many gurus using similar brushes and wanted to try it. Annnyywaaayyyssss.... I am struggling to find a place for it in my makeup routine, I don't want to blame Elf again because the brush is actually really good quality for the price but I can't figure out what to use it for.

I was thinking either using the edge to contour and sculpt my face or perhaps to apply my translucent powder after if put on my foundation. What do you lot think?

The brush I think was £2.50 from the studio collection and has a really sturdy plastic handle. The actual brush itself is really soft and obviously faux hair shaped perfectly flat on top, see for yourself...


  1. i got the same brush and i use it for buffing my foundation and blending my blush.

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  2. I adore this brush! I use it to apply and buff in liquid foundation. :) xx

  3. I use this brush for putting on my putting on my powder to set my foundation etc, other times i'll use it for blush depending on how i'm feeling :) xx