Sunday, 24 March 2013

Botox For Young People

Growing up, I always used to watch my mum doing her makeup. She would use endless wrinkle creams and always pull at her facial lines convinced she was looking old. She is quite a young mum as it is, having me when she was 18 so I have never really thought of her has ‘old’ especially when most of me growing up she modelled. I come from a long line of beauty obsessed woman and when my great grandmother had a stroke she started applying bright red circle blusher to her cheeks and bright blue eye shadow to her eyes. This was because she couldn't see very well and she needed to know she had makeup on, bless her. I always used to look at my mum completely confused as to why she was so bothered about lines on her face, in my eyes she was beautiful and needn't worry. I always told myself that when I grow up, I will age gracefully and not worry about such small things... Yeah that happened! NOT! And here I am, about to write about my first Botox experience (with pictures) at just the ripe old age of 24.

So a lot of people think I am crazy for even thinking of Botox at my age, and believe me I have thought long and hard about whether or not it was the right thing to do. The thought process started about 10 months ago when I realised applying gel eyeliner was becoming a lengthy task. If you follow a lot of online beauty people including YouTuber’s, bloggers or Instagram and see, on a daily basis fresh eyes and perfectly lined eyeliner it can become frustrating (really trying not to sound superficial here, i know there are bigger fish to fry than perfect eyeliner... i have a problem, clearly). But anyway, at the risk of sounding far too vain, I would always think.... “Why don’t i have tight eye skin? I am only 24”

One of the things people don’t know about Botox, which I didn't know myself until recently is that starting at a young age is more effective than waiting until you have the deep wrinkles. Because I have had it in my early twenties (yeah I am not quite mid twenties yet, hanging on to that!) I have completely eradicated the wrinkles from my forehead. This means my skin is kind of frozen smooth and the wrinkles don’t have a chance to deepen, so effectively, my skin can’t train the wrinkles to stick, its kind of the opposite. As long as I have Botox in my face, my skin is trained to stay smooth. Basically its freezing my youth as opposed to reversing my old... if that makes sense? Which is a lot easier to do.

I paid £250 for 3 areas, I got my crows feet (beside my eyes), in between my brows and my forehead. Altogether it was 18 injections. I will need it again in 4 month, then 8 month and then its only yearly maintenance. I would advise doing your research first and finding somebody reputable. An actual GP does mine and my mums. She came into our home and she was full of knowledge and was very reassuring.

OK, on to the pictures.

Having the ability to delete photos is a godsend but doesn't help when I am trying to show you what I looked like before. I can make myself look any way I like on the internet so I have really tried to find some pictures where my skin isn't as tight as I would have liked.

I did however take the next one purposefully for this blog... I am pulling my sexy face. Note the slight wrinkles :-\

The next is about 4 days after the Botox... Its a comparison. I have to say at this point I was having light sensitive headaches (that was the only side effect)

About a week after the Botox, the muscles between my eyebrows had froze, but the outer muscles did not. Resulting in the next picture. At this point I was paranoid to death about looking like an angry beaver all the time. (My face wasn't constantly like this, this was me raising my brows. Thank god!) SERIOUSLY SCARY!

But now after about 10 days it has fully done its job... I think.

OK maybe the photo on the right is a joke :( I will never look that young again... Sad face!   

This one is from pretty much now, in all my unmakeuped glory! I am really straining my eyebrows here!

I hope this has helped some of you in deciding whether or not botox is right for you? I am so happy with the results. It has made me far more vain. But that can only mean good blogging right? I am trying out a few other things which I shall be posting about very soon. I am not going to be a regular blogger. I want substance as opposed to quantity. I hope you can appreciate that and if you would like to follow then dooooo it!!! I will love you greatly!

Love haidee xxx

P.S I cannot be bothered to jazz up the blog. Would it bother anybody if I just left it how it is?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sooo this is AWKWARD....

I know this is quite weird, so just roll with it. I was playing on my computer and well, I logged into my old email account (linked up to this blog) and one thing led to another and I stumbled back onto it. I have been MIA for nearly a year now as some of you know and some of you also know the reasons for this.

Blah blah blah, I am sure the ones who don't know aren't really bothered. Any way, I have decided that since this blog has a fair amount of followers and is still being viewed it would be a shame to delete it.

I really do still love beauty as well as a lot of other things and feel like this is a great way to put opinions out there without the hassle of putting on makeup and doing my hair (which YouTube required). I also like reading other peoples blogs and I may not be the best with words, or the best at photography but there's nothing better than a "real" blog (for me anyway) so I am back to give it another go. 

What do you think? Is there anything that any of you would like to read about or see? It doesn't have to be beauty related, it could be something as little as a funny website I have found and want to share with you, talking about my life and what I get up to, product reviews (again not just beauty), food I eat... OK you get the idea.

And if you couldn't care less and nobody suggests anything then screw it, I am totally still posting shit! so there! :P

I have really missed the internet :( sad face! It feels pretty liberating writing this knowing I am going to start posting again!

Haidee xxx