Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Small MAC Makeup SALE!!

Not only Mac, I have a China Glaze nail varnish... This is first comment first serve kind of thing.

I am selling these items because I spend a lot on makeup and most of it does not get used. I am SO OVER collecting lots of makeup and now only buy the things I wear daily that suit my face... All items except the eyeshadow is used but still has most of the product, so if you are happy with that then grad a bargain.

I am adding £1.50 postage on these prices, if you want anything then il give you my Pay Pal deails. :-)

MAC Eyeshadow quad from the Quite Cute collection in CUTiE RRP £33 My Price : £19.99

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish natural in Medium (used a few times) These last ages, I know this from experience. RRP £18 (I think) My Price : £9

MAC Powder Frost Blush in Hounour, so shimmery the picture does not do it justice RRP £13.50 (i think lol) My Price £7 SOLD

China Glaze nail polish / varnish in 5 Golden Rings - RRP About £6 (I think) My Price £3 SOLD

Let me know if you fancy anything xxx

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bought Some Treats

So I on a wee shopping trip with my mammy today which was so much fun, we hardly ever go shopping together and thought I would share the only beauty things I bought... May post a full haul later as I spoiled myself.

I love this lipstick so much although it isn't very pigmented so a dab of concealer on my lips in a must before I apply it. I have never owned a lipstick from YSL so I was really excited buying this and I keep trying it on.
Price: £22.50

I have been wanting the Illamasqua bronzing duo for ages, especially after seeing one of Maxines videos talking about it, you can bronze and highlight in one swoop... time saving? I think so...
It is so shimmery and pretty, I love it!!
Price: £20.50

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Haul: Primark are stepping up their game!

Now I am not one to do hauls really, especially not clothing hauls but it has come to my attention that recently Primark has been getting better and better so I thought I would share with you today's buys.

I only bought a few things and some of them I haven't bothered posting because everybody knows what leggings and plain scarves look like lol.

Left £8, Right £15

Both £4

Left £3, Right £16


£1, £2, £1, £1

I am quite chuffed with my purchases and may go back to Primark this week for more :-)

Thursday, 2 June 2011

NOTD - Spots and Stripes

I did my nails!!!

I purposly left off my little pinky as it is to small to do real nail art on and picked up rank on camera...

How I did it:
1) Painted them pink all over
2) Striped the nails with a white nail pen
3) Then the black stripes
4) I then painted the dots
5) Added a bit of sparkle with a pink nail pen
6) Added 2 thick coats of top coat

What do you think? I kinda LOVE them... A little bit of girlie as I usually dont sport pink :)

Monday, 30 May 2011

My Tanning Routine

Hi Girls, so I thought I would share with you my tanning routine as I do actually get asked a lot how I brown up my pasty Geordie skin...

Here's step by step what I do:

1) Exfoliate - It is a must as you need to scrub away the dead skin in order for the tan to stick to fresh new skin as it will stay on longer. I use St Ives apricot body scrub at the minute as it is really gritty. I like it rough! haha.
I use LUSH Ocean Salt Facial Scrub on my face

2) Moisturize - This is to lock some moisture in your skin so the tan doesn't stick to the dry bits and look deep brown and awful. I use Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter and honestly I LOVE it!! It smells sooo nice.

    I am also using the Soap and Glory - Glow Job on my face :)

3) Tan - I am currently using St Moritz in Dark, I apply it with a fake tan mit as I could not think of anything worse than orange palms... I am still undecided on this tan although the colour is MAD brown!! It goes on more muddy than usual St Moritz, but again the colour you get when you wash it off is the stuff of a Geordie girls dreams!!

Hope this helps you fake tan virgins out there :-) xxx

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Favourites: Nail Varnishes

As a lover of all things nail painting related I am always testing out and buying new nail varnishes. I have quite a nice little collection but seem to always reach for the same 9 colours.

The reason these 9 are my favourites is because I always have trouble with nail varnish sticking and the majority of these completely cover in just one coat with a few exceptions.

China Glaze is amazing quality and long lasting and I haven't found a better brand yet... let me know if you have tried any of these and your honest oppinions on them :-)

Left to Right: China Glaze - Lighthouse, No7 - Shimmery pink colour, China Glaze - Sky High-Top, BarryM - Racing Green, Nails inc - Jermyn Street, China Glaze - Go Crazy Red, O.P.I - Katy Perry Teenage Dream, BarryM - Grey, Rimmel London Pro - 400 Blue Vogue

My Makeup Collection

Hi girls, Hope you're having a lovely Sunday...

So I thought I would blog about my makeup collection because I love reading and looking at other peoples collections so wanted to share mine to.

Recently I have been on a crazy "lets throw things away" and now only have the makeup I use. If you watch my second channel on YouTube you will know how much massive makeup collections don't appeal to me one bit. In fact I haven't bought makeup for ages (apart from a lip liner and myth lippie yesterday that is lol).

Anyhoo, I seem to find myself buying the same things over and over again... once I have used up my favourite mascara, it gets replaced and so on with all my stuff. No point in having loadsa stuff sitting there waiting to go out of date is there?

Primers and Setting Spray

Foundations, Concealers and Tinted Moisturizer


Lipstick, Lipgloss, Lip balm and Lip liner

Blush, Bronzer, Powders, Highlights and Contouring

All Things Eye...

Hope you enjoyed this, I decided recently when I didnt have enough room for all my makeup that I would part with the things I don't use... I think most girls on the internet get wrapped up in thinking they need to out do everyone and have the biggest collection. It's good if you can afford it but I can't justify spending all my money on expensive makeup that I wont use... I'd rather pay my bills and socialise lol


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Teenage Dream

So I stumbled upon a video on the old tube from SimpleLittlePleasures showing the Katy Perry - Teenage dream nail polish, from her collection with O.P.I. (Second on the left). I am an absolute magpie and totally fell in love with the sparkle so I felt it was my right to own such a nail polish.

I have to say when trying these polishes they weren't as amazing as I was hoping, the red is beautiful and so is the pink glitter polish, but the green needs a lot of coats and so does the blue glitter.

All in all I am happy I bought these, but even happier I only bought miniatures as I need to start using all the polishes I already have.

Left to Right - The one that got away, Teenage dream, Last Friday night, Not like the movies

Friday, 1 April 2011

Sheffield bloggers meetup thingymabobbb!

Just going to wack the pics up... The bloggers meetup in Sheffield was last weekend and I met some amazing girls... definitely another meetup should be arranged soon.

Heres the pics from le Iphone... I know my Iphone camera is rubbish, I hope you wont hold it against me (unless "it" is your body, then in that case....) HA!

PICS..... (I havent added them all but go to Laurens Dressing Room for more)