Sunday, 6 February 2011

Welcome! OOTD/N

Welcome little gremlins, I feel as though I am the last to join the gang of cool and have a blog. Soooo to start me off I have a wee OOTD/N... nothing fancy but its a start.

My best friend turned 22 yesterday and we went for a few quiet drinks, well our intentions where to have a quiet drink but you know how it goes... one thing leads to another and you end up sweating your tits off throwing yourself around to some live music in a quiet student bar... and proceeding to neck on with your girl mates and declare your undying love for your best friend to her boyfriend whilst sitting on the floor eating aids burger! OK.. Just me then?

Anyway yeah so here is what I wore...

Boots - £30 (Garage shoes in Newcastle)
Dress - £28 (New Look)

1 comment:

  1. Really like your outfit of the nights ;) please do more!


    Please check out my blog it would mean a lot