Friday, 18 February 2011

Dyeing my hair AGAIN!!

I have decided I am not 100% content with my hair, I mean I love the darkness of it but it isn't very warming and I feel as though I suit warm colours better so I have decided to buy some more dye. This time, I have opted for Loreal Casting Creme gloss In 535 Chocolate, which is a beautiful colour if I do say so myself and it's permanent.

 I will let you know how it goes and maybe post some pictures before and after, the box does say that it will lighten darkest brown hair so I think I will be OK, and if not.... Fuck it! I'll buy a different dye LOL

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Green Tea Goodness!

Right this can be my first non beauty related blog post... I want to just write a little bit about green tea and my absolute obsession with it.

OK so apart from it being MEGA healthy and good for you, its also very tasty! I literally drink cups and cups of it daily from the minute I wake up until I go to bed. So I am not really that much of a fan of plain green tea (without adding sugar) but I would drink it over black tea any day. I am more about trying the different flavors and so far my ultimate favorite has to be the green tea with pineapple and grapefruit! My goodness me, it is AMAZING!!

I have tried Starbucks green tea and Costa coffee green tea and both are absolutely foul! I much prefer just carrying about 8 tea bags in my bag daily and asking for hot water if I go for a cuppa, then I know that I will enjoy what I am drinking. I am such a freak lol. I also bought a Starbucks flask for work so I can constantly drink green tea at my desk.

Anyway as for the benefits -

1) Full of antioxidants which is good for blood flow and your skin.

2) Burns your fat, meaning you can partake in physical activity longer

3) Speeds up your metabolism

4) Prevents and treats certain cancers

5) Can prolong your life

6) Makes your brain more alert and reactions quicker

7) Can calm and soothe your mood

8) Protect from heart attacks

9) Protect from strokes

10) Reduce High blood pressure

11) Prevent and treat diabetes

12) Protects a second hand smokers lungs from the smoke!

13) Prevents alcohol damaging your liver (amazing hangover cure)

14) Prevents tooth decay and bad breath

15) Builds your bones stronger

16) Strengthens your immune system and helps fight off common illnesses


Now can you see why I am obsessed??? This is what is in my kitchen right now... lol

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Zebra Rainbow Nails

I painted my nails, I totally copied a tutorial QueenBeeuty once had up on her channel before she deleted all of her videos.

They are so easy to do, I just applied a strip of blue on all nails, waited for it to dry then painted the yellow strip again waited for it to dry then added the red to the tips. Once dried I added a glitter polish and again bla bla waited for it to dry then added the zebra with a nail pen.

Have a looksie...

These are the polishes I used

Black Nail pen - From a set of 40 I got online
Red - Primark
Blue - Chine glaze
Yellow and glitter - ASDA (Amazing, they have so many colours and only £1 each)

OOTN - Hardstyle rave

So Friday night I went to a Hardstyle rave with my friend and was stuck on what to wear. I mean, it was in South Shields which is a lot different to going out in Newcastle. For one, I could never wear what I would usually wear to go out in town as nobody dresses up in South Shields like they do in Newcastle.

So my dilemma was what to wear? If I went out in my usual going out attire I would be to dressed up (for a rave in Shields) and I don't really do "dressing down".

So I decided to go a teeny bit rock chick, and opted for a floaty vest number from Urban Outfitters and biker boots (The reason for the boots? Have you ever tried stomping at a rave in heels?)

Dress vest £15 - Urban Outfitters sale
Boots £25 - Ebay ages ago
Socks £2 - Primark
Jewelery - Sentimental gift from a friend which I never take off
Tan £4.99 St Moritz - TJ Hughes
Hair - Back combed to the extreme with a huge side fringe

Friday, 11 February 2011

Small makeup collections?

I have just posted a video on my vlog channel talking about the way I feel makeup collection videos make young girls feel on YouTube.

I have had some lovely comments on that video and in no way was it a jibe to people with big collections, it was merely to make younger girls with less money know that they don't have to have all that makeup in their lives and that it is likely that a lot of that makeup does not get used. Anyway I received a comment saying that I was clearly jealous. I know I watch big collection videos and think "wow you are so lucky" but in reality I don't think badly of the girls with huge collections I just think, "If I wanted all that makeup I would go and buy it" but what is the point in wasting so much money on things you aren't going to use?

My point is, they spend all that money on products and 50% of those products aren't being used EVER! So its kind of like throwing money away. I still love watching large and small collections and think that it comes with the beauty guru territory to post a collection video. All I was doing was trying to make younger girls feel better and realise that MAC is not so important and great that all your pocket money should be spent on it. You can get some great dupes and you should only have stuff you are going to use up. My oppinion... just saying xxx

Another fail brush from Elf?

Morning my little chickadees, I thought I would grace you with my presence at such a fine hour to ask for advice. 

I recently bought the flat powder brush from elf because id seen so many gurus using similar brushes and wanted to try it. Annnyywaaayyyssss.... I am struggling to find a place for it in my makeup routine, I don't want to blame Elf again because the brush is actually really good quality for the price but I can't figure out what to use it for.

I was thinking either using the edge to contour and sculpt my face or perhaps to apply my translucent powder after if put on my foundation. What do you lot think?

The brush I think was £2.50 from the studio collection and has a really sturdy plastic handle. The actual brush itself is really soft and obviously faux hair shaped perfectly flat on top, see for yourself...

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Warm red eyes

Upon posting my recent video on YouTube, linked below I received a lot of comments on my eye make-up... instead of doing a tutorial on them I thought I would show you how I did them here.

The palette was from Ebay and cost literally about £15... The picture shows the colours I used

I first applied my Urban Decay primer potion all over my lid, then starting at the inner corner applied the yellow a third of the way in. I then took the orange colour and added that to the centre of my lid blending it into the yellow with my brush, as they are the colours next to each other in the rainbow they blend beautifully. I then applied the red to the outer corner and blended once again into the orange. After this I took a blending brush and blended it out just above my crease. Last I applied my gel liner with a wing, and also gelled up my waterline and added my current mascara.

Excuse the bonky eyed picture but here is the finished result..

Monday, 7 February 2011

Goodnight Nudes...?

Hello leaf... may I turn you over? Yes dare I say it, I think I might be growing, changing... turning into a new woman.

The other day I slapped on my Myth like I usually do... and had my photo taken, now I know Iphones aren't renowned for their amazing quality of photographs but my god I looked like an umpa lumpa buzzin from heroin. I mean my face was so orange and lips so pale like I was throthing! good god, I wiped my lips and from that moment I haven't applied any Myth.

Now I am not saying goodbye forever but I really have been enjoying my lips these past few days. A girl I see at work every day came up to me and said "I love the colour you have on your lips today, its different for you" hahaha they where naked and bright red naturalness, I got quite a few compliments today... so what do you think? 

Myth or no Myth???

Sunday, 6 February 2011


OK to say I have a nail fetish is an understatement. I absolutely love sitting with all my nail stuff for hours messing around and coming up with new patterns to paint. I actually find painting my nails to be massively therapeutic and and am ever searching for new tutorials on youtube.

I came across water marbling which is AMAZINGGG!!!! You basically get a cup of room temperature spring water and drop teeny drops of nail varnish into the cup... the polish spreads and creates a bullseye effect which then can be manipulated into patterns. Long story short you dip your finger into the pattern and viola you get something that looks like this...

I also enjoy just making up patterns and messing about so here are some I actually managed to take photos of...

Too far?

Googleing my YouTube username isn't something I do often but upon doing so recently I found a lovely forum post about myself from some equally as lovely girls claiming ridiculous things about me... I thought it would be funny to have my own personal digs in a video.. I know it's immature but I am a 22 year old going on 12 so what the hell, why not?

If you have read the posts you will know I have some lush followers from Twitter and YouTube who got a girls back! I <3 them all for their hilarious responses so thank you! I don't really care if they slate my makeup, I loove to be orange and have white lips.. BIG DEAL... at least I'm not killing people. Anyway yeah so if you have read the posts then this video will make prefect sense to you.. HERE IT IS...

Hair extensions can go die a slow painful death!

OK, so I woke up this morning with lets just say a stinking rough hangover extreme! Knowing fine well that  today's plans consisted of applying 200 hair extensions into my Mum's hair for her birthday. Now it's not the first time I have applied such things into her hair, and I knew what I was getting myself into but yet I cant seem to say no.

Anyway, 10 hours, 10 cups of green tea, and a million burn blisters on my fingers later and here is the transformation... (I'm not taking bookings so don't bloody ask lol)

Welcome! OOTD/N

Welcome little gremlins, I feel as though I am the last to join the gang of cool and have a blog. Soooo to start me off I have a wee OOTD/N... nothing fancy but its a start.

My best friend turned 22 yesterday and we went for a few quiet drinks, well our intentions where to have a quiet drink but you know how it goes... one thing leads to another and you end up sweating your tits off throwing yourself around to some live music in a quiet student bar... and proceeding to neck on with your girl mates and declare your undying love for your best friend to her boyfriend whilst sitting on the floor eating aids burger! OK.. Just me then?

Anyway yeah so here is what I wore...

Boots - £30 (Garage shoes in Newcastle)
Dress - £28 (New Look)