Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Green Tea Goodness!

Right this can be my first non beauty related blog post... I want to just write a little bit about green tea and my absolute obsession with it.

OK so apart from it being MEGA healthy and good for you, its also very tasty! I literally drink cups and cups of it daily from the minute I wake up until I go to bed. So I am not really that much of a fan of plain green tea (without adding sugar) but I would drink it over black tea any day. I am more about trying the different flavors and so far my ultimate favorite has to be the green tea with pineapple and grapefruit! My goodness me, it is AMAZING!!

I have tried Starbucks green tea and Costa coffee green tea and both are absolutely foul! I much prefer just carrying about 8 tea bags in my bag daily and asking for hot water if I go for a cuppa, then I know that I will enjoy what I am drinking. I am such a freak lol. I also bought a Starbucks flask for work so I can constantly drink green tea at my desk.

Anyway as for the benefits -

1) Full of antioxidants which is good for blood flow and your skin.

2) Burns your fat, meaning you can partake in physical activity longer

3) Speeds up your metabolism

4) Prevents and treats certain cancers

5) Can prolong your life

6) Makes your brain more alert and reactions quicker

7) Can calm and soothe your mood

8) Protect from heart attacks

9) Protect from strokes

10) Reduce High blood pressure

11) Prevent and treat diabetes

12) Protects a second hand smokers lungs from the smoke!

13) Prevents alcohol damaging your liver (amazing hangover cure)

14) Prevents tooth decay and bad breath

15) Builds your bones stronger

16) Strengthens your immune system and helps fight off common illnesses


Now can you see why I am obsessed??? This is what is in my kitchen right now... lol


  1. I love green tea :)



  2. I like this article. Green tea and lemon is tasty! Didn't actually realise there is so many benefits haha. I usually have a box of peppermint and green tea bags in my drawer at work if you ever need one when i'm back :) x

  3. I have never tried it tbh i think after reading this, i deffo will get some with my Asda shopping delivery this week :D i hate water (well Yorkshire water) so this is deffo a must to get me off pop!

  4. Green Tea is the best, i do drink like 3-4 cups a day at least ! :D