Monday, 7 February 2011

Goodnight Nudes...?

Hello leaf... may I turn you over? Yes dare I say it, I think I might be growing, changing... turning into a new woman.

The other day I slapped on my Myth like I usually do... and had my photo taken, now I know Iphones aren't renowned for their amazing quality of photographs but my god I looked like an umpa lumpa buzzin from heroin. I mean my face was so orange and lips so pale like I was throthing! good god, I wiped my lips and from that moment I haven't applied any Myth.

Now I am not saying goodbye forever but I really have been enjoying my lips these past few days. A girl I see at work every day came up to me and said "I love the colour you have on your lips today, its different for you" hahaha they where naked and bright red naturalness, I got quite a few compliments today... so what do you think? 

Myth or no Myth???


  1. I say thumbs up to no nude lips! I've never been a huuuuge fan of the nude lip look, some girls can take it a step too far and look like they've got concealer on their lips - ew! When you done the myth dupe video and you had no lippie on you looked really nice!xx

  2. Although nude lips really suit you im always up for trying new things so i say go for it!! :) xx