Thursday, 3 March 2011

MAC Blushes

AAAAAH I AM SHIT!! I haven't posted a blog for 2 weeks, but fear not! I am back... I was meaning to do this post 2 weeks ago but have been so busy with work :-( booo hisssss!!!

Since dyeing my hair dark from red I have been discovering many new colours I can actually wear on my face. Before I could not use blush, only highlight as having a blush with red hair was just COLOUR OVERLOAD!!!
AAANNNNYYYWAYYYY..... I Thought I would go to MAC and buy the deepest mineralize blush I could find (because I do love a bito sparkle on my face) I chose these two and I swear on the baby Jesus I am actually obsessed with wearing blush now.

The first pictures below being the shade "GLEEFUL" is my ultimate favorite, the colour is so pigmented that I barely need to pat the brush onto it to get enough product to do both cheeks. And don't get me started about how it actually goes on, I look flushed, in a good way. I adore this and wear it most days. As for the Second one being the shade "GENTLE", it is such a pretty pink which is also very pigmented and I like this for the days I wear gold and brown eye shadows.

According to the website they are £17.50 each but I usually just pass my card and cringe without listening to the price LOL.. Anyhoo heres the pictures......

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  1. OH MY GOD. I must have both of those. I adore the MAC mineralize blushes, they are amazing....xx