Friday, 11 February 2011

Small makeup collections?

I have just posted a video on my vlog channel talking about the way I feel makeup collection videos make young girls feel on YouTube.

I have had some lovely comments on that video and in no way was it a jibe to people with big collections, it was merely to make younger girls with less money know that they don't have to have all that makeup in their lives and that it is likely that a lot of that makeup does not get used. Anyway I received a comment saying that I was clearly jealous. I know I watch big collection videos and think "wow you are so lucky" but in reality I don't think badly of the girls with huge collections I just think, "If I wanted all that makeup I would go and buy it" but what is the point in wasting so much money on things you aren't going to use?

My point is, they spend all that money on products and 50% of those products aren't being used EVER! So its kind of like throwing money away. I still love watching large and small collections and think that it comes with the beauty guru territory to post a collection video. All I was doing was trying to make younger girls feel better and realise that MAC is not so important and great that all your pocket money should be spent on it. You can get some great dupes and you should only have stuff you are going to use up. My oppinion... just saying xxx


  1. I 100% agree with you, its soo good to have a geordie sweetheart talk sense! I think people get to ingrossed in YT and blogs thinking they must have loads of makeup to fit in! When in reality you only need a good few essentials :)

  2. Yeah I get what yer saying. I watch the collection vids n i'm gutted cos I want it all :p I've got a make-up collection post but tbh most of it has come from gifts etc, 95% of it is all drugstore store stuff aswell, and the stuff that i've bought myself has taken years to build up haha. I wish I had an entire dresser of make-up but I just cant afford it.

    Linsay x