Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I Have a plan...

OK so as many of you are aware I worked crazy hours at my job, leaving me with very little time to do anything. I just had about enough time to eat, sleep, spend time with family and friends but not much time for grooming which is awful for a girl so I have a plan...

I handed my notice in today and have 20 days until I start my new job so I intend on catching up on some serious pampering.

First I am going to start by buying some manuka honey, not many people are aware but this type of honey is literally gold in a jar! I noticed my makeup was starting to patch throughout the day due to lack of love for my skin so instead of the usual lush scrub I use I am going to go even more natural and make my own sugar scrub once a week.. all you need is 1 part water 2 part sugar and scrub away, if you like it rough that is. Use more water if you want it to be slightly less harsh. I am then going to use the manuka honey as a face mask after I exfoliate. I want what I do to my face to be completely natural as my skin is so sensitive to chemicals. I am not going to elaborate to much on manuka honey as it is a blog post in its own right but trust me you just have to google it to see how amazing it is.

Prices range from around £20 for a 250 gram jar.

Anyway this has no structure, but I don't mind, its just for my own reference and if anyone happens to be interested.

Back to the face, I am going to continue to train the shape of my brows by plucking strays daily as part of my morning routine, and I'm going to moisturize morning and night instead of just the morning.

OK second is my hair, I am going to be product free for the 20 days, apart from shampoo and conditioner as hairspray strips dye and we don't want that. Not only that but I am going to try and avoid back combing and applying any kind of heat... looks like theres going to be a lot of messy buns going on.

OK the body... My skin never gets love these days, I stopped tanning :-(, ex foliating, moisturizing and its fair to say my skins rough as sand paper at the min. I am going to moisturize daily, shave regular, ex foliate regular, tan once a week and use the manuka honey all over.

Nails - keep them presentable basically, apply nail strengthener every few days, file daily and just elaborate on my usual jazz.

Health - I am going to try and eat healthier, take my calcium tablets (because I hate milk) get back into the gym 5 days a week instead of 2 or 1 and stay away from the booze, not that I drink that much anyway, id rather have a green tea lol.

Think thats pretty much it... I know its a lot, I suppose looking after yourself is a full time job but when you get back into it, it just becomes habit and you make time.


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  1. That sounds absolutely freakin AMAZING. I want to do all of those things haha!

    I need to start taking care of my body too, as I only have a moisturising routine for my face