Tuesday, 8 March 2011

TAG: How much is my face worth?

Just seen this tag on http://xxshivvyxx.blogspot.com/ and had to do it!!

Basically list you daily makeup products and price... tot up the total and viola... daily face worth!

Here we go

Mac Face and body foundation - £23.50
Mac Studio fix fluid - £19.50
Collection 2000 Translucent powder - £5 (roughly)
Sleek Contour - £6-7 (roughly)
Boujior Chocolate bronzer - £6 (roughly)
Mac Mineralize blush - £17.50
Mac Mineralize skin finish - £20.50
Benefit Brow Zings - £22.50
Mac black track gel eyeliner - £13.50
Maybelline falsies mascara (the dark pink tube) - £8 (roughly)
Mac Myth lipstick - £13.50

Think I got the lot in there..... My total is £155.50 (not including brushes, moisturizer, or eyeshadows)

Thats a disgrace! Imagine if my makeup bag was stolen though, i would cry. Anyway I tag you all to do this <3


  1. Thanks for the mention :) I think i'd cry if i lost my make up bag too or if got stolen by some hobo who wanted to glam up haha! I really need to try that Bourjois Bronzer is it as good as everyone says?


  2. yes it is lush, and such a bargainm it lasts ages and smells so nice xx

  3. Hmmm maybe pick it up at the weekend then :)


  4. Thanks for posting this! I've just done it.. can't believe I put so much crap on my face daily and how much it all costs tbh!! Real eye opener ahha :D xxx

  5. mac matte £12.18
    dior skin sculpt £34.61
    hard candy glamoflauge concealer £5.13
    mac studio fix powder foundation £16.99
    too faced chocolate soleil bronzer £17.63
    mac blusher £12.50
    mac blunt contour £12.50
    sonia kashuk brow alert £8.30
    mac smolder eye khol £8.97
    urban decay naked lipstick £14.10
    benefit badgal lash £12.18
    i'm from the states so i used one of those conveters to give you our prices in pounds, jesus, i have spent toooo much money on this stuff but i need to look proper good