Monday, 30 May 2011

My Tanning Routine

Hi Girls, so I thought I would share with you my tanning routine as I do actually get asked a lot how I brown up my pasty Geordie skin...

Here's step by step what I do:

1) Exfoliate - It is a must as you need to scrub away the dead skin in order for the tan to stick to fresh new skin as it will stay on longer. I use St Ives apricot body scrub at the minute as it is really gritty. I like it rough! haha.
I use LUSH Ocean Salt Facial Scrub on my face

2) Moisturize - This is to lock some moisture in your skin so the tan doesn't stick to the dry bits and look deep brown and awful. I use Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter and honestly I LOVE it!! It smells sooo nice.

    I am also using the Soap and Glory - Glow Job on my face :)

3) Tan - I am currently using St Moritz in Dark, I apply it with a fake tan mit as I could not think of anything worse than orange palms... I am still undecided on this tan although the colour is MAD brown!! It goes on more muddy than usual St Moritz, but again the colour you get when you wash it off is the stuff of a Geordie girls dreams!!

Hope this helps you fake tan virgins out there :-) xxx


  1. Ahh ive got the normal st moriz to try but im a slave to st tropez and garnier summer body. great tanning tips :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. I use the exact same products apart from the lush ocean salt- but I've heard good things about it :-)