Sunday, 29 May 2011

My Makeup Collection

Hi girls, Hope you're having a lovely Sunday...

So I thought I would blog about my makeup collection because I love reading and looking at other peoples collections so wanted to share mine to.

Recently I have been on a crazy "lets throw things away" and now only have the makeup I use. If you watch my second channel on YouTube you will know how much massive makeup collections don't appeal to me one bit. In fact I haven't bought makeup for ages (apart from a lip liner and myth lippie yesterday that is lol).

Anyhoo, I seem to find myself buying the same things over and over again... once I have used up my favourite mascara, it gets replaced and so on with all my stuff. No point in having loadsa stuff sitting there waiting to go out of date is there?

Primers and Setting Spray

Foundations, Concealers and Tinted Moisturizer


Lipstick, Lipgloss, Lip balm and Lip liner

Blush, Bronzer, Powders, Highlights and Contouring

All Things Eye...

Hope you enjoyed this, I decided recently when I didnt have enough room for all my makeup that I would part with the things I don't use... I think most girls on the internet get wrapped up in thinking they need to out do everyone and have the biggest collection. It's good if you can afford it but I can't justify spending all my money on expensive makeup that I wont use... I'd rather pay my bills and socialise lol



  1. I actually prefer your make up collections a million times more than girls who have a house full of make up they have no intention of using, seeing some of the make up collections is so daunting! At first when I started watching those videos I was like shit : / Am I not doing it right?! I literally have my make up bag, a couple of palletes and another small draw of 'bits' so this is really refreshing actually! You've brought make up for you, not to compete with other girls on YT.
    Anyway, the make up you've got is gorgeous especially the palettes! Itching to get myself a new lippy now : P x

  2. I like your collection, it's not overboard, it's like mine! I see people on YT and think why...why do you have 45 mascaras, yer never gonna use them all up. It's insane. xx

  3. Love your collection, especially your eyeshadows, you have loads of them, one for every look imaginable I think :)

    Laura xoxo

  4. like someone else said, i LOVE ur collection. why? because its similar to mine than those girls who have literally a room full of seriously. when are you going to use it? love ur collection :D