Sunday, 5 June 2011

Haul: Primark are stepping up their game!

Now I am not one to do hauls really, especially not clothing hauls but it has come to my attention that recently Primark has been getting better and better so I thought I would share with you today's buys.

I only bought a few things and some of them I haven't bothered posting because everybody knows what leggings and plain scarves look like lol.

Left £8, Right £15

Both £4

Left £3, Right £16


£1, £2, £1, £1

I am quite chuffed with my purchases and may go back to Primark this week for more :-)


  1. I went through a stage recently of loving Primark, but the last couple of months I havent found anything I like!

    I do however love those summer vests, perfect for the warm weather!


  2. i'm loving Primark's summery tops at the moment - i have quite a few of their vests and crop tops! Need to go and see if i can find that horse clasped belt i love it!! xxShivvyxx

  3. Love the stripey vest.

    How come you found lots of bargains, everytime I go in everything seems to be more expensive then usual haha.


  4. Heya, How would you wear the mustard and blueish vest top?
    because i just got it and dunno how to wear it :L xx