Friday, 27 November 2015

Being Catfished Online is not fun!

So this is a blast from the past, and I feel like this is the perfect outlet for me as I just can not seem to stay away from the internet. I can control all of my posts and watermark all of my pictures and even make a little (and I mean tiny) bit of money from blogging. 

If anyone following this blog, followed me on Instagram for the past few years then you will know the ordeal I recently faced... and even further, if you followed me in the YouTube days even better.. you will understand the reasons I deleted that channel as well. 

Both times, the reason I have deleted accounts that I became so attached to was because of an anonymous person pretending to be me and exploiting the fact I post things on the internet. This time was different to last time though. Back in the YouTube days it was a fake Facebook page and it wasn't too bad... someone just out for some male attention. But none the less it made me feel disgusting! Someone has also stole some of my old YouTube videos and is passing them off as their own which doesn't bother me too much if i'm honest.

Now this time it has been taken to another level, I have a daughter who is not even 2 year old and they took videos of her and photographs of her as well. They have been pretending to be me online for 3 years. They have Instagram, Twitter, Plenty of Fish, KIK, Snapchat, Steam and even posting on a free porn cam site as well as the odd other non relevant little page. It has become more of an obsession than a little bit of fun. They have even been posing as me on their WhatsApp account and speaking to real men via that. I have uncovered so much and it makes me feel physically sick, I keep having dreams about it. 

So basically I have de-activated all of my accounts... well as many as I could find anyway but upon a deep stalk of my stalker I found this blog and completely forgot all about it and it gets quite a bit of views so I don't want to forfeit this as well. I can re-activate my Facebook and Instagram thank god as they have so many of my photos. But anyway I digress, I want to keep this blog and just post whatever I feel like and why the heck not eh! 

I am not giving the person who has so shamelessly pretended to be me for so long the satisfaction of posting their usernames on here but all I will say is that if you find an Instagram for me, Facebook or Twitter... It is fake! I have Snapchat (@hideepants) and this blog now. And my hairdressing YouTube account which I should probably delete at some point (HMHairandBeauty)

OK so on that note, I will be posting on this and it will more than likely have no theme whatsoever...




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